Blizzard ’21

It’s slightly snowy outside, and they’re saying it’ll be like this through Wednesday.

Which suits me just fine; I have plenty of food and no real desire to go anywhere, so I’ll just sit here in my office and watch the snow blow past the windows.

I’m still working on the great Goolag migration, and have made a few breakthroughs.

The big one is that after pouring over obfuscated logs for several hours, I’ve discovered that Exchange 365 despises any local Active Directory that has ever come into contact with a local Exchange server. So I’ve had to reverse engineer what old Exchange servers do to old Active directory installs and formulate a way to remove those entries from every user.

Eventually there was a brief bit of PowerShell that cleared it up… Simply put every user login into a text file, one line per user, and then:

$users=Get-content c:\users.txt

This loads the users into the session variable $users so we iterate through it with:

Foreach($user in $users){get-aduser $user| set-aduser -clear msExchMailboxGuid,msexchhomeservername,legacyexchangedn,mail,mailnickname,msexchmailboxsecuritydescriptor,msexchpoliciesincluded,msexchrecipientdisplaytype,msexchrecipienttypedetails,msexchumdtmfmap,msexchuseraccountcontrol,msexchversion}

And this removes the problematic Exchange objects from each user…

Once that was done all I had to do was remove everyone from O365, resync with the local AD, and presto! Everyone can has mailbox now.

Right now I’m attempting another G-Suite <-> O365 sync again, now that I’m about 80% certain the O365 side is set up right. Now if Google cooperates and doesn’t assume the app I set up on their end, with domain permissions and all sorts of assurances that I’m in fact the guy in charge of the data, is a hacking attempt — I’ll get both systems sync’d up.

Hope shines eternal I suppose.