Yes, yes. I know. The intervals between posts here are becoming longer and longer. I’m hoping that this bit of a vacation I am starting on today will assist me in getting back into the more creative aspects of my life.

I will be picking up a rental car this afternoon and shortly thereafter Jae and I will be headed for Southern California and ultimately ‘BlizzCon’ at the Anaheim Convention Center.

‘BlizzCon’ is the inaugural convention for all things Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard are the folks responsible for such things as the ‘Warcraft’ franchise which includes ‘World of Warcraft’, ‘Diablo’, ‘Starcraft’, and a great many other wonderful things you may have heard of.

Now, while Jae is going to the convention to pit his ‘leet WoW skillz against the best players from around the world (I plan on embarrassing a few of ‘the best’ as well), and both catching both Jonathan Davis of ‘Korn’ and the finale show featuring the ‘Offspring’, I am going for other reasons. Artists Metzen, Twincruiser, Samwise, and Thammer will be there. These guys –created- the Warcraft universe in both words and artwork and I have been a fan of the world for a very long time. See for a brief ‘learnin in what I’m talking about.

After I get my fanish side sated I plan to spend all of my ‘time-between-skull-crushing’ in the panels for the game designers and getting the low-down on what is next for WoW. Blizzard will be showing off the first expansion for the game at the con, as well as putting to rest the various rumors about new races, a new continent, the hero classes, and other such trivialities.

All in all it should be a fun weekend in smoggy SoCal. I’ll try to write in from the show floor a few times and give updates for all my guild mates at work.

Till the next posting, be safe out there…