Boycott shampoo! Demand REAL poo!

Aryntha and Rai came up late last night to “get away from it all” for a day or so. This time, due to the projected time of their arrival, it was decided that we’d do some grilling rather than running off to some restaurant. It was a good decision.

Arythna is a master of the all-pervasive powers of BBQ; a true, old-school, “Knight of the Holy Grill”.

He is able, as he says, to “build a rapport with the food being grilled and get it to tell him when the sauce is just right or that it’s time to be turned over.” We, Rai and I, can’t really argue this point as Aryntha turns out some *really* good “Q” and if his secret is in talking to the chicken breast, well, so be it.

After dinner we retired to the Cannibal Special where they got to see, first hand, the wonders of technology that the “Big Box” stores have brought to our little valley here; namely the insanely bright sodium lights they put all along the highway for the new exit these stores “needed”… The last time Aryntha and Rai were up here we took some pictures of the night sky and all the stars one can see here… Those were probably the last photos of the non light polluted sky up here that we’ll ever get. These new lights illuminate the highway very well… And the hillside, the houses over where I live, the buildings in town… You can proabably see the Walmart exit off of I-70 from space.

Fortunately you can still drive about 10 minutes and be on the other side of a ridge that blocks most of the “corporate glare”, but it’ll never be the same. I give it another 2-3 years before we have sky-scrapers here in the valley as they’re running out of ground to put things on. By this time next year the hillside across the highway will be covered in houses according to the drawings I saw that the developer published the other day. Joy.

Anyways, after four hours of playing “lobster” and reducing ourselves to a fine prune-like state, we called it a night.

Right now I’m waiting for them to rise again so we can figure out what to do with the remainder of the day. Rai brought her art supplies and has been trying to get Aryntha to do some art as well… Who knows, maybe we’ll have a mini “artist jam session” and see what pops up.