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Breakfast Encounters…

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Simply to get out of the house for a bit and get some fresh air and sunshine, the roommate and I drove down to the Waffle House in Castle Rock for breakfast.

The reason for the 20 mile trek was that of all the Waffle Houses in the area, the guy who runs the one in Castle Rock has outdoor seating — which complies with the zombie mandates.

He’s also just a really nice guy and good fun to chat with, and we’re doing our part to keep a local business open.

Anyway, as we pulled up another customer did as well; a car with Texas plates. The driver rolled down his window and asked if they were open…

I had to stifle an immediate chuckle, and answered that they were but the seating was all outside.

See, the driver of the car from Texas was the spitting image in both look and voice as “Skank” from the movie “The Crow”… I mean, identical. I briefly thought it might actually be the actor behind the character.

This fellow and his wife took a table nearby and while she was inside ordering we all got to talking (as people still do, even with zombies). Turns out as we talked about zombies and whatnot that he was just your average rando from Texas, but it was still really interesting to have a discussion with “Skank” at a Waffle House in Castle Rock. 😀