Brother Bear

Well, if the movie is as good as the soundtrack, it's going to be a pretty amazing thing.

I got a promo-copy of the soundtrack and it's really good. The best track is the “bonus track” at the end which has no title and I was unable to find official lyrics for it on the 'net. So here is a sample of the depth of the music in this movie as transcribed by me. When the actual lyrics are released there my be some differences, but I think I'm pretty close. (lets hear it for typing fast 🙂

“Bonus Track”
Brother Bear Soundtrack
(C) 2003 Walt Disney Corportation.
(C) 2003 Phil Collins

When the Earth was young, and the air was sweet, and the mountains kissed the sky.
In the far beyond, with its many paths, man and nature lived side by side.
Great wisdom does not come without learning, and great vision not only with our eyes.
We can think that we see, truely see all around us.
But when we look, do we see with open minds?

Great spirits of all who lived before, take our hands and lead us, fill our hearts and souls with all you know.
The key to understanding, is to see though others eyes, find a way to help us see from all sides.
Truely see from all sides.

Teach our children to look deeper than the surface, and see the world through another's eyes.
To be blind beyond yourself is to look but not see, and knowing much is not enough to be wise.
To see the wonder in all we've been given, in our world thats not always as it seems.
And the path that we choose, turn every corner, follow on before another begins.