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Camera Gear…

The camera I'll be using for a bit arrived yesterday.

I've had a rather large collection of cameras over the years that I've used for these sorts of off-road photo-shoots. By and large the sealed, ruggedized, 'point and shoot' types have been the best and of those, any camera that can completely retract the lens into the body is even better. Of course these types of cameras come with certain drawbacks, such as poor apertures and a fairly narrow range of 'zoom' – but I'm more of a scenery photographer so there's usually plenty of light, and I drive a Jeep so I don't really need a 500mm lens to get up close to my subject. 🙂

So, with this in mind I picked up a new Cannon SD1400 IS: 14.1 million pixels, image stabilized, an f2.5 wide angle, about 1×10^32 widgits and gizmos I'll never use, and it's entirely made of metal.

It's also roughly 3/4 the size of my cell phone – so it's easy to pack, and probably just as easy to lose. 🙂

So, while the weather isn't 'awesome' today, I'm planning on heading up-mountain for the day, meeting up with some friends at the “Rib Crib” in Evergreen for lunch, and testing things out a bit.