I picked up a new sleeping bag yesterday — a Big Agnes Buffalo Park. It'll be super comfy as it's one of those new integrated pad/bag setups where there's a sleeve in the bottom to install an insulated sleeping pad.

No more bag sliding off of the pad in the middle of the night. 🙂

This will primarily be used for “Car Camping” as the back of the Murano is about the same size as a tent, so I don't see any real need to spend the money on a separate tent.

Next year I plan to spend more time out and about up in the hills, if at all possible. So this is a step in that direction.

Yesterday I talked to Comcast Business regarding competing with CenturyLink and Level-3 for the internet service here in my building… Comcast's prices are identical to Level-3 (~$3000 a month), so I guess I'll keep trying to get CenturyLink to pull their collective head out.

I have a meeting with CenturyLink tomorrow for “turn up” on the line they finally got working after two months of hassle… At this point though, even if the line works and has all of the addresses I asked for, I'll be paranoid that if anything happens it'll take them months to fix it.

Not a warm and fuzzy.

See, Level-3 is ridiculously expensive — but if anything acts up they're on it in minutes… Meanwhile I'm not sure CenturyLink will even answer the phone if their routers are on fire.

Oh well; I'll burn that bridge when I get to it. 🙂