Carry a big stick…

Well, the Wachowski brothers have re-earned my respect after the horror that was Matrix:2.

Ok, all you breeders out there; yes you, the idiot with four kids each nine months apart living in a world of 388 surplus births PER SECOND… DO NOT take the spawn of your loins to the theater. People are actually trying to WATCH the movie and HEAR the dialog. They are not paying $8.50 to deal with your precious little cretins!

I just got back from M:3 and it is a much better movie than 2. No gratuitous rave scenes, no pointlessly long sex scenes, and no deliberately confusing plot development here; just lots of butt-kicking, supreme special effects, awe-inspiring wire-fu, and the conclusion (?) to the story.

If you’re the one person in America who hasn’t seen M:3 yet, unglue yourself from the couch and go see it. 😉

In other news; THE MOVE IS OVER! (Confetti and balloons fall from the ceiling)

Yes, it’s official, we’ve finished the “move from hell” and I’ll be taking a much needed 2-3 days off before starting the rebuild process. I’m celebrating right now as a matter of fact, even as I type; the healing powers of 10 year old “Old Speyburn” scotch are quite amazing. If you combine the single malt with 802.11, an IBM T21, the snow outside, and the big fireplace in the living room, you get a pretty good idea of my evening tonight.

(Contented sigh)

Pity the thermostat in the hot tub has gone south. I suppose I’ll fix that tomorrow as I could definitely use a good long session in the Cannibal Special after the trials of the past two weeks.

Now for some philosophy:

I got a call from Aryntha this evening: Apparently it’s a crime against humanity to take pictures of a lunar eclipse these days as he was hassled last night by the bone-headed “perfect hair” types across the street for doing just that.

Be careful out there dear readers, the world isn’t looking too fondly on those who do anything different from the prescribed “norm” these days. Dressing different will prevent you from getting a job, looking different will get you cornered by thugs, and the ultimate sin, thinking different, can land you in jail or worse… Just be careful out there.

It all reminds me very much of the 40’s and 50’s: When the Cleaver looking letter jacket clones would seek out “greasers” to beat the hell out of. Here in the 00’s we have losers in daddy’s ’04 BMW hassling anyone who doesn’t drive a car made this year or wear the latest in designer clothing.

I suppose it’s just human nature: What a human does not understand, they fear, and that which they fear, they destroy. So as the little valleys between human archetypes widen into un-crossable chasms, I think we’ll see these incidents increase.

The guys across the street cannot fathom Aryntha’s desire to photograph a celestial event any more that Aryntha can fathom their desire to do nothing but watch football and drink beer… The difference is that Aryntha’s human archetype is far less aggressive than theirs and he doesn’t need to understand nor feel threatened by their differences.

Unfortunately, as human history shows, to the aggressor go the spoils.

As the war-like CroMagnon man killed off the peaceful Neanderthal man, will the same happen to us? I hope not. We still have a corner on the intelligence market. Let’s hope smarts beats brawn here in the 21st century.