Caw, caw, bang! Fuck! I'm dead!

I got a call from Jeff last night at about a quarter to 11 asking if I’d like to see a movie as he’d been drinking at a bar near the theatre in Edwards and wanted some time to sober up before driving home… Or have me drive him home if 2 hours wasn’t enough time. So I caught the late-late showing of “Underworld” last night.

It’s ok. It’s a John Woo flick and, as I’d supposed earlier, it’s big on “wire shots” but lacking in “plot”. It was a fun 2 hour romp though the politics of Vampires and Werewolves though, with just enough “Romeo and Juliet” thrown in to give it some semblance of style.

The werewolf transformation scenes seemed to be painful enough, with lots of wet bone sound effects and the vampires are suitably decadent and hung up on themselves. All in all it wasn’t a bad movie as far as action flicks go.

Ultimately I wound up driving Jeff home and will both pick him up today and take him to work, and pick him up after work and take him to his car.

This is the down side to being very much an occasional drinker and really only having a liking for –good- single malt scotch. This makes me almost exclusively an iced tea drinker when “out and about” and also makes me the designated driver or person to call when the blood in your alcohol stream has reached an all time low.

Well, I have to get rolling to ensure folks I know don’t appear to be the folks they really are.