Change of the seasons

Well, as of closing tonight we will no longer be writing loans. State law says we have to have a 30 day period before the close of business where all money-lending operations have ceased. As the lease is up the end of October, it’s been decided to stop operations now.

So, for the next month or so, we’re just a curiosity shop…

We’ve been looking for store front space up here that isn’t unbelievably expensive, without much luck. The place we are in is going up to $27 a square foot now that Gart Sports, Office Depot, and Pier 1 are going in. So it’s looking like plan “A” still, which is the move everything to Denver and sell out of the warehouse for a while before starting things up again in March-April in the Littleton area.

Jack isn’t taking this very well as he refuses to move to Denver and hasn’t done much more than run this place for the last seven years. He’s not sure what he’s going to do when the doors close.

I’m kind of looking forward to moving the store as we’ll finally have a chance to make some real money. The area up here is thick with “GenNext” folks who’ll drop $1000 in a heartbeat on some new gizmo that lets them break bones on the mountain faster, but couldn't care less about computers and stuff. “Geeks” and “X-ers” don’t mix well so there just isn’t a market up here for what I do.