Changing of the seasons…

It’s the end of September, which means the first real snow here in Colorado should be less than 30 days away. While it’s already snowed here for a couple of days, it didn’t really amount to much because the ground was still warm.

For me, mid-to-late September is when I get the car ready for winter; new wipers, seasonal maintenance, tires if needed, swap the regular mats for the WeatherTech mats, a full detail inside, and a fresh coat of wax outside to ward off some of the car eating goop they spray on the roads.

The Murano is 2.5 years old now and the average OEM battery is only good for 2-3 years… So to prevent any surprises at -10, I had a new one installed at Batteries+ on the way home today. While generally any battery would be better than an OEM one, it was $300 for the really good AGM battery which has a 60 month warranty. That seems like a good deal.

Batteries+ is also right near “El Chubby’s“, which is home to the best green chili smothered burritos in Denver — so that’s dinner tonight. 🙂

Chubby’s has been there forever and I’ve been a fan for about as long… In fact, it’s the first place I stopped when I arrived back in Colorado in 2002 after having been gone since 1997; I rolled into Aurora at 6:30 PM, had a “smothered beef and bean, half and half” to go at 6:45, and checked in to the hotel at 7:00 to have a fantastic dinner.

No such thing as a good Burrito on the East Coast, so I was jonesing pretty bad…