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A few of you might now that I'm somewhat of a decent cook – when I can convince myself that cleaning the kitchen before and after preparation is something I really want to do…

Well, yesterday was the first annual Chili Cook-off where I work and that was enough to get me interested.

What I made was the Eagle County Poblano chili that I entered in the Eagle County fair a few times way back when… I never really “won” anything with it, but people always liked it, and it’s a mild to medium chili, so I figured it would be great for work.

Well, out of about 8 entries I took third, and was the only chili to not have any leftovers, which is impressive considering I made seven quarts of the stuff. I even got a nifty “Certificate of Award” (suitable for framing) to prove it. 🙂

So, there ya have it, the high point of the last few weeks… I need a new life.