Christmas; the day after…

Wolf is out getting some groceries for tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow night will be a lot of fun as we get to try out Wolf’s new fondue set!

I just finished creating my first AD&D character in, oh, 20 years. I have to say the game rules in general have come a long way since the box set I got in 1976. Now just about anything is possible within the bounds of the rules while keeping everyone on an even playing field.

In general I’m not much of a rule-monger, preferring my games more free form due to the varied and complex natures of the characters I create. But I also enjoy the challenge of working within the bounds of a system and having a physical advancement of the character… So far the 3rd edition AD&D rules seem to fit the bill (hehe) nicely.

We have yet to stress the bounds of the 3rd edition combat system, but it seems pretty straight forward now that AC isn’t how hard you are to hit but it rather how hard you are to damage… After all, as any SCAvian will tell you, someone in plate mail is almost impossible to miss, but just as impossible to seriously damage.

Lets see, what else has gone on… Oh, last night I got deathly ill as a result of spending a few hours over at Wolf’s parents yesterday. They, the parents and the other folks who were there, smoke like chimneys and while I got tight-chested a few times while I was there, I spent some time outside and thought I had a handle on it… Wrong.

Lyon, the med student, tells me that what happened was that I got enough second hand smoke while I was there to stun the cilia in my lungs and I got a king-sized dose of smoke because of it. Well about 5-6 hours later, when all those cilia woke back up and saw the state that my lungs were in, all hell broke loose. I was short of breath, coughing like mad, and eventually wound up with a headache that could split granite.

Fortunately Lyon is also an asthmatic and knows all about shortness of breath and whatnot and had a lot of good advice… Had things gotten out of hand he had this nebulizer gizmo ready to go too. It’s nice to have a friend who’s also a med student. 🙂

I’m fine today though, a few hot showers and some respiratory pill from Lyon and I’m right as rain again.

Well, Lynx is on his way over here to visit and I should sign off. There’ll definitely be another post today though as Lynx causes lots of space-time issues, and things are always interesting whenever he’s around. 😉