Well, my drives into work are a little brighter now.

Over in Aspen Park someone opened a little drive-through kaffeehaus that serves Dazbog. Dazbog (with an ‘s’, not a ‘z’) is another ‘Colorado Thing’ that I treasure…

See, up in Seattle they have 11 kinds of rain and 22 kinds of coffee. Here in Colorado we only have a handful of coffees, but Dazbog stands above them all – in profile, fists clenched at its sides, looking upwards into a sunrise while a Russian flag waves in the background.

Better yet, in your best Russian accent say “This is not spineless cup of capitalist coffee”. 😉

Anyways, Russian imagery aside, Dazbog is awesome coffee. It’s made by a couple of Russian immigrant fellows in Denver who came here to live the American dream and roast awesome coffee… I think they’ve achieved both.

Another thing that makes Dazbog so awesome is all the Cyrillic and pseudo-Russian iconography on everything – even the cups. For example, the paper cup in front of me is red, white, and black with a big star logo and says things like “даст бог кофе” and “Растет Всемирно а Русскими Поджаривается” – My Russian is quite rusty so I have no sense of grammar, but those translate to something like “give god coffee” and “grow universally while a Russian roasts”.

So, yeah, I get to have a fantastic cup of coffee on the way to work now… This makes me happy.