Important news: Colorado now has its first Caribou Coffee!

For those of you who have been around me and have sampled the most excellent “Hoof Mints” that I always carry with me, you can now get your own as well as the best coffee this side of Seattle.

On the way home from work Jae and I just happened to be driving west bound on Hampden, making for home when I saw the sign. So a sharp right turn later and we were just in time for the grand opening, complete with lots and lots of folks from the company. We got our coffee for free and Jae was quite impressed with the quality… Starbucks this aint.

Here’s how you get there: Caribou Coffee

I suggest everyone with any appreciation for the fine art of the bean head here immediately, grab some mints, and enjoy a great cup o’ joe. My favorite is the “mint condition”, which is really something worth trying. 🙂