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Cold and wet…

Well, so far it's been a very cold and wet week here. Not that I mind, mind you; we need the water and I like it cool. Right now it's an almost exact duplicate of being in the mountains of Washington state outside with the pine smells and perpetual drizzle. Well, that and it looks like I'm living in a Led Zeppelin album cover. 🙂

Here's a shot from my deck at the ridge to the south:

I've also gotten a chance now to play around with some of the new features in “Tiger”, the new Macintosh OS version, and it pretty much blows everything I've used out of the water.

The new system-wide search features, “spotlight”, definitely work as advertised and having RSS and Atom services built into Safari (the web browser) is really nice.

What will be the best part of “Tiger” will be what programmers do with all of the changes under the hood – CoreImage and CoreVideo will really turn things up a notch.

Well, I'm going to get back to work now. Have a great day out there folks…

Fleetwood MacCrystal