Cold hard books…

As a thank you from my CFO for the last few weeks of epic cloud transition for work, I was told to go out and have a steak for dinner and to put it on the company card. So Scott and I went down to Parker and had dinner at Saltgrass steakhouse.

And, as I’m a card-carying Landry’s Club member and I still had my birthday reward available, I got $25 off the bill. So said steak dinner only cost my CFO $40, which will make him happy. 🙂

On the way back I spotted a new store in the mall at Parker and Arapahoe called “2nd and Charles” which touted having ‘books, games, tech, and more’ – so I opted to don my foreboding metal breath screen (aka mask) and go check it out.

Basically, 2nd and Charles is an upscale Goodwill store – or maybe even a 21st century version of the 80’s indoor flea-market; lots of collectable geekery, old books, old comics, tabletop and RP games, etc.

Scott bought like two linear feet of old sci-fi hardbacks from the likes of Niven and Clarke to stock the bookshelf in the living room… Kind of the ‘decorate with books’ trend mixed with books people will actually read. I think he spent $30.

I picked up three books myself; a 1989 printing of Piers Anthony’s “Unicorn Point” just because, a second printing of Steven R. Boyett’s “Ariel” which is the one he updated to make it mesh better with the 21st century – I’ve not read the updated version yet, and a pristine copy of Dave Sim & Gerhard’s “Church & State volume II” which handily replaces the copy I lost in 2002.

The sum-total for this collection of dead trees? $15.

Now to go sit in my rocking chair on the porch and enjoy a good book.