Contact Info Change

Due to a screwup at gawker media:

There has been a  leak of some ridiculous number of email accounts and passwords, mine included.

Being as this information was torrented over the weekend, and has been picked up by just about every spammer in the known universe (I had over 200 spam emails on my gmail account this morning), I am forced to change my primary email address.

Besides, it’s about time – I’ve had my primary email since gmail was invented and it’s probably best to change it every ten years or so.

So, this means that not only will my IM contact change, but I also have to change the contact info for my banks, bills, credit cards, and every other internet thing… Basically I’ll be changing my contact information across the ‘net – and it’ll probably take all day.

I’ll add a friend-only post with the new info as soon as I get it done.