Last weekend I bought a “Sous Vide” cooker online from Ye Olde BestBuy, and had it delivered because of the new midterm Covid variant bringing back masks and whatnot…

Sous Vide is basically a very precise thermostat, a heating element, and a pump – and what it does is exactly heat water to an exact temperature and circulates it evenly.

So, what you do is take some meat, vacuum bag it, and place it in the water, where it is slowly and thoroughly brought to whatever temperature you want, such as 135 degrees for the perfect medium-rare. And because it’s a water bath, every cubic centimeter of the meat ends up a that temperature – no more, no less – so it’s impossible to overcook or burn the meat.

Once the Sous Vide cooker arrived, my roommate applied it to a couple of sketchy Walmart steaks we’d had in the freezer for a few months.

What this thing can do to even cheap Walmart shoe-leather is impressive. Though it takes a few hours for it to do its thing because of how it works.

For the next test I bought a cheap 3-pound roast from Walmart for $20 to see how the machine fared with something much larger… It took the cooker 30 hours to do the roast, but the wait was definitely worth it as it came out perfectly done, super tender, and really flavorful.

So, now I have a way of turning cheap supermarket steak into something edible, which is a good thing with lockdown 2.0 happening.