Cost of Living

Just got back from the grocers…

Two years ago my weekly grocery run averaged right about $50. In February of this year it was $70. In March it was $80. Last week I spent almost $120, which took May to about $100 average.

And today was $180…

Granted, almost $40 of that was the two small steaks I picked up… $18 for a sketchy 8oz steak.

All this would lead one to think I’m eating caviar and gold-plated ice-cream or something, but no… I tend to buy Walmart/Sam’s store-brand stuff like single-serve salads, $5 take and bake pizza, generic chips, and frozen stuff like potpies for dinner and breakfast bowls to eat at work when I get there at 0630 in the morning. I also buy canned soups and raman bowls for lunches.

The steaks are a once a month thing – but I’ll probably stop doing that.

Add to this that gas is pushing $4 a gallon, my insurance just went up, my utility costs just went up, and taxes are getting stupid – and I’m seriously pondering a second job just to afford getting up in the morning.

But hey, at least we don’t have mean tweets anymore.

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