A general warning to anyone who breezes past ye olde journal here…

Always put *something* in the tip section of a credit card purchase slip at a restaurant, even if it’s a zero.

Yeah, this is probably common sense by now, but I’m not very common and even though I tend to dislike people, I still default to trusting them.

Wednesday last week I bought lunch for a few folks at work at “Rosie’s Diner” near work, and even though I have a receipt here that states I signed for $33.19, my bank is reporting that I was charged $39.83, because I left $6 for a tip in cash and left the tip blank, blank. Then yesterday we went to “La Fogata” for lunch and we all paid $12 and again left cash for the tip so I left the tip blank, blank. Today my bank says that cost me $13.80.

So I essentially gave away about $10 last week because I like to leave a 20% tip in cash so that the server gets the money that day, rather than a week later when the credit purchases return.

To thank me for my generous tipping, the servers decided that I needed to pay more.

And folks wonder why I don’t leave the house.