Cyberpunk 2077, part 2

Well, I finished the storyline for Cyberpunk 2077, and it was pretty incredible.

The game was $60, and I think it took me about 40 hours to finish the story — so a buck fifty an hour, and it was definitely worth it.

I managed to avoid all spoilers and simply played “V” as I felt best suited the character I had in my head: A super suave corporate cyberdeck wizard run afoul of corporate politics and now on the run; fallen from the ivory tower and now hiding among the detritus of society… And trying to climb her way back.

And, awesomely enough, that was exactly what I got!

I ended up with the Caliburn sports car (totally murdered out), ultra-flash suits, a huge bankroll of eddies, and the ability to melt minds through someone’s TV with the mere snap of my fingers.

In the end I got the “Panam” conclusion to the story, which I’ll not spoil for anyone. But it was a good ending… Well, as good as Cyberpunk gets.

See, Cyberpunk has always, since the tabletop days in the 80’s, been a seriously dystopian fantasy; there are no happy endings in the neon and chrome future… Live fast, die hard, and leave an attractive corpse — that’s Cyberpunk.

I only ran into two bugs that really halted my progress. One was early in the game when I went to Vik’s (the ripperdoc), and the second was the train heist that got the nomads their hover tank.

Both were eventually worked around after an hour or so of browsing forums.

In the end I really, really liked Cyberpunk 2077. It was a glorious throwback to my younger years and I’m definitely hoping there are more games in this style, with the same attention to detail.