Day 122 of the 14 day COVID-19 lockdown

I’m noting some depression starting to darken the edges of things.

I’ve not really left the house for anything other than to go to work since March. Sure, I’ve been out for walks around the neighborhood, and a couple of times I’ve driven a half an hour east to get an hour of wide open space, but otherwise I’m under house arrest for four months now.

And it’s starting to wear me down.

Now it’s the mask thing… Last week the state government decided that people need to be wearing masks if they’re anywhere there are other people. I’m not playing that game.

Not that it’s a big deal being as I’m not leaving the house for much of anything.

Today I decided that I needed to get out of the house just for my sanity, so I hopped in the Murano and drove over to my local gas station to put gas in it. The Murano was between a quarter tank and a half tank — and the last time I gassed it up was before the lockdown — so it needed some fresh fuel anyway.

$27 dollars later and I decided to get a couple of sodas for my impromptu road trip, but I was without a mask… Saying an internal ‘fuck it’ I went into the gas station, got my sodas, and walked up to the counter to pay for them. The cashier was cool, but some random lady started to give me hell for not having a mask — and I just pointed her attention to my t-shirt and walked out with my sodas.

The shirt says “Attempting to care — please wait”.

Anyway, encounter with the self-appointed mask police over I headed around 470 with the intention of heading up Waterton Canyon to get some pictures of the dam that fronts the reservoir.

I arrive to a new fence and signs stating that the canyon is closed until further notice.


Being as I was on Wadsworth near Chatfield, I decided to do my usual drive up Deer Creek Canyon, and take the back way into Conifer then back down 285…

Unfortunately Deer Creek Canyon was wall to wall cyclists going 3 miles an hour up the hill in packs of 20 or more — so at the turn off at Martin Marietta I looped back to 470 and came home.

I’m more irked now than before I left.