Day 45…

As I sit here, steaming cup of Earl Grey in hand, I ponder the direction things are going. Wolf and Lyon have both voiced their opinion of my current state, literally, and Aryntha and Rai have done similar, though more pointedly. (chuckle)

I'm nearly finished with the basic frameworks for the web sites for Dan's main shop and the performance shop down the hill. There's one more to do for the Ladysmith store, then that will be, as they say, that. Now there is the incessant tweaking that Dan will want to do and has been doing and then all of the programming that he wants done too.

He called me here at home at about 11pm last night to go over the name for the performance shop again.

I swear the man doesn't sleep.

See, he's been with his attorney and trying to get the names of the stores trademarked and last night she sent him an email stating that there are already about a zillion “Express Auto Performance” places out there, but there aren't any “Express Performance” stores. So he called to get me to change everything to “Express Performance” so that he could see what it would look like… Right then.

I told him to go home, go to sleep, and we'll work on it when I get to work this morning.

A.D.D. as a management skill; he latches on to whatever thought traipses though his head like a rabid Pomeranian and worries it to death for up to ten minutes before something else catches his attention, then he's off on that track. This pretty much annoys the piss out of everyone around him.

I personally don't mind it much as long as he leaves me alone after 6pm and on Sundays, which hasn't happened yet. Maybe I should start turning off my cell phone after hours?

Anyways, back to the root of this post; my escape from Virginia…

I figure as soon as I get Dan's web sites up, running, and get him trained on how to update them, then I can start figuring out how to get back to Colorado.

Yes, right now things generally suck, but I'm getting paid for that level of suck. Upon moving back to Colorado there is that whole “find a job” thing that I'll have to do, which isn't hard, but it's such a crap shoot anymore. Basically any tech-industry job out there is going to suck because it's either:

A) Preparing to move to India.

B) Has moved to India but they suck so the few people still locally employed have to do ten times the work for what amounts to slightly better than minimum wage.

C) Managed by an ass hat fresh out of whatever factory makes MBA ass hats and India doesn't want to deal with him/her.

D) Can't be moved to India because the job requirement specs out for Superman and has an 80 hour a week requirement.

Basically I'm wondering if I should just duck my head and plod on. I keep eyeballing those green fields out west, but getting there will require jumping a few fences and I'll probably find out the field is full of prairie dogs.

Hmm… Well, I'll ponder this some more while I finish my tea here on the front porch, then I'll head into work to make with the miracles for another 8 to 10…

Have a good day out there folks!

Jethro TullTeacher