All done.

I still have to go and clean up the old house tomorrow, but for the most part – I'm moved. It took four trips today…

I guess I still have too much crap.

I also have the internet feed set back up, so Zeze and I won't suffer from any withdrawal symptoms this weekend.

Went and saw “Eragon” this morning between loads of boxes – was a pretty good movie actually, though I liked the book better.

Jalen and Flyn are helping Zeze move right now and I expect their last loads here soon. Jalen is using his truck and Zeze is loading the other PT Cruiser, so between them they've made four loads.

Zeze has too much crap as well.

Well, I guess I'm going to go unpack a bit, make my bed, take a long hot shower, and probably take a nap.

Till next post…