Don't look back, the lemmings are gaining on you…

Wolf and Lyon came up late Saturday night to spend an evening here, away from it all. Unfortunately they got here very late and, after handing me a Tupperware container full of home made red beans and rice (Wolf is an excellent cook), we called it a night. Sunday we had a good breakfast over at the Route6 Café then came back to the house and spent several hours talking about philosophical things and gaming stuff.

Wolf and Lyon are the folks I do most of my sit-down role playing with and are my two play testers for both my high fantasy world and its associated game system. Unfortunately I’ve been out of sorts and Lyon has been very busy on the weekends this last month and a half and we’ve not gotten much done.

Sunday we spent a little time discussing one of Wolf’s story lines that we’re all involved with which pertains to a secret society of mythical creatures who are alive and well in the modern world. These “Mythagos” have assumed human forms and are just one sect in a secret war between the Unseelie Court, human mages, extra planar monsters, and many others who seek to gather enough power to rule this little rock we call Earth. The Mythagos are the only real group on the side of the “sapes” who, as usual, have no idea this is going on… The rest see humans as either “Batteries”, “Food”, “Slaves”, or “Vermin”…

Sometimes the Mythago even fall into one of those categories above… After all, humans really do suck most of the time and it gets really tough to save some football watching, beer swilling, trailer-trash meathead from the grasping claws of something who’d literally like to have him for dinner.

At first brush the whole shebang sounds a lot like the “World of Darkness” setting from White Wolf, but in turn the “World of Darkness” sounds a lot like old European mythology and stories given a decided American edge. Of course *anything* that deals with unknowing masses and secret wars is automatically labeled “World of Darkness” even though DC Comics really started the genera. Basically one could view Wolf’s idea as “World of Darkness – Pro”… There’s also the rumor that White Wolf will be killing off the “World of Darkness” lines in favor of the Next Big Thing, so we’ll see how it goes.

Anyways, after hammering on all of this for a while, as usual, their daughter called right as things were taking off and brought the whole thing crashing down around us. Once that happened it was decided we’d get a late-lunch / early-dinner over at Paddy’s Tavern then they’d have to run back home to deal with the young one. So we did, and they did, and I spent the remainder of the evening reading.

Thus ended Sunday.