Door to door god…

Just had my first run in with the local 'Witnesses'… I should have known better than to answer the door as no one visits here at 8:15 in the morning on a weekday.

Oh well. As usual I believe I sent them away with more questions than they arrived with and they forgot to give me all the paperwork… I was hoping for a watchtower to put in the window to ward off the next batch.

Of course the fact that a big, disheveled, hairy monster opened the door and hit them with his patented 'this had better be really damn important' glare put them off their pace right out of the gate.

Unfortunately my townhouse here sits right next to a big multi-million dollar Catholic Operations Center, aka “church” and I'm about two blocks from a big Mormon whatever they call it.

I'm sure I'll see both of them as well before I make good my escape from here.

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