Having just spent another hour with a senior lineman here at the Chateau I finally have working DSL.

It turns out, after some troubleshooting I did with an oscilloscope and showing the nice Qwest guy that, in fact, nothing was on the line beyond 4k, that there was indeed something screwy with the install. He went and discovered that the first installer decided to put a low-pass on the feed from the post into the house…

This of course prevents DSL from working.

So, once we got all that settled out and the lineman figured he'd asked enough questions about DMT as it applies to the channelization of DSL, I was asked if I wanted a job over at the Vail CO… I have to think about this.

It'd be a neat job, but it's not exactly part-time and days off happen in the middle of the week.

Other than that the only news is that our neighbor's cottonwoods are going ape (It looks like a blizzard outside right now and my screens are caked with white fluff) and therefore my allergies are following suit.

Well, back to work…

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