Eating local…

With the threat of zombies and whatnot, a lot of the local grocers are generally out of good meat these days. Sure, you can still get generic 70/30 ground and frozen chicken – but steaks, when available, are like $20 each for pretty sketchy cuts.

Being a Colorado native I know a thing or two about beef… Colorado has types of cows and cuts of steak like Washington state has kinds of beans and types of coffee.  This means we have lots of local ranches, and some of them will sell directly to the public.

So, today a styrofoam cooler containing about 12 pounds of grass fed/finished red angus arrived on my doorstep from Christensen Ranch up in Sterling (north eastern Colorado).

All the meat…

Thats 2 NY Strip Steaks, 2 Flatiron Steaks, 2 Denver Steaks, 4 Western Grillers, 6 1/3lb Dry Aged Patties, and a pound of Single Source Ground Beef — and some Jacobsen flaked salt to boot!

Thursday I have another delivery coming from a different ranch located south of Parker in order to contrast and compare.

My current freezer is far too small for a quarter beef order (where you buy basically a quarter of a cow and specify what cuts you would like) which is about $700, but I have until April of next year to remedy that. And if things work out then I might start buying a year’s worth of beef at one go; maybe even go in on it with a few friends who happen to like superb steak for ~$7 a pound.