Election 2020

A couple of months ago I decided that I’d get more involved in the election process, and volunteered here in my county to help out wherever they needed me.

Fast-forward to Monday two days ago, where I attended an all-day class for “Supervisor Judge” over at the elections warehouse on south Federal.

The supervisor judge is in charge of a polling location, which in my case will be a church over on Mississippi Blvd. I’ll have about a dozen people working with me over a few days between October 28th and November 3rd.

I think it’ll be pretty epic to see this very strange election from the front lines as it were.

I have three more classes to attend; greeter, registration, and tech which covers all of the positions at a voting center. This allows me to be knowledgeable in everything that goes on in case I need to fill in for someone.

The county is also paying me for this; $15.50 an hour. It’s a far cry from my usual pay — but I’m taking paid vacation time to do this, so it’ll work out to be a little extra cash entering the holidays.

My only real worry are the rioters that are so prevalent these days… If they can be coerced into tearing things up and lighting stuff on fire, intimidating voters will be a cake walk.