End of year bonus

I got my end-of-year bonus, and that handily paid off the M1 laptop and the bespoke case I had made for it.

The case arrived last evening, by the way, and it’s really nice. It’s black calf-skin with blue stitching and my initials embossed on the cover in metallic blue. There’s something about leather that just makes things nice to carry around. And it’s more ‘grippy’ than the bare aluminum of the laptop, so the M1 Air is less likely to get dropped.

I’ve mentioned here a few times that my CFO is primarily a real estate mogul first and the CFO here at work second, and due to this he’s usually got some ultra-nice property he’s trying to set me up with… Well yesterday he signed on a place over in Pioneer Hills and mentioned that I should take a look at it.

It’s a 3br, 3bath, with a study and a ‘pro’ kitchen that includes a gas range — which is a rarity here in Colorado. The pictures are really nice; front of the house opens to a wooded nature preserve, so it has a lot of that wilderness ambiance I like. And it overlooks Cherry Creek state park, which means it has an unobstructed view of the mountains to the west. Which is also nice.

The garage is bigger, which would be really nice given the 1.75 gar garage I have now, and the house itself is about 600 sq feet bigger than the townhouse… Not that I really need any more room, but the layout is better and more ‘upscale’. There’s an unfinished basement as well, which isn’t included in the square foot numbers — so tons of storage space for all the stuff I don’t have.

The Pioneer Hills area is pretty nice and there’s quite a bit in walking distance. And just to the south are the Corner Star and Arapahoe Crossing malls.

My current lease is up in March, so I have some time to kick it around… I’m really not interested in moving again, but it is a pretty nice place and the numbers are right.