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Entropy isn't what it used to be…

Yesterday morning my six year old spectacles finally succumbed to the second law of thermodynamics. After some clever wire-wrapping though (a skill we elder nerds possess) I got them back together well enough to hopefully last until the optometrist appointment.

The earliest I could get in was the 27th — so here's to hoping my patch job holds together for a couple of weeks.

Work-wise, as I was walking out yesterday the sales director caught me in the halls and started in about needing a graphic for something… He wasn't exceptionally clear on the intent for said graphic, but it needs to be 'non-denominationally holiday-like' and incorporate the company logo — and he needs it by early next week (naturally) — so that's what I've been up to today.

I've sent in a rough idea, but marketing doesn't work weekends because that's what us little people do — so I won't know if this stab in the socially woke holiday advertisement darkness is close until Monday.