EQII, day one…

Update from Norrath…

EQII is *beautiful* to look at… Simply amazing. It’s really like playing a movie.

I guess it’s pretty neat what you can do with unlimited money and manpower.

Jae and I ran around n00b-island for a few hours last night, but didn’t get much accomplished because we kept stopping to look at the scenery, or the texture on something, or the model of something else.

We did make level 6 on the two characters we intend to play with the folks at work, and level 5 on two others (good guys) who are purely for seeing what the other side of the continent looks like.

The new quest system is really nice, and really frustrating at the same time. The nice part is that I have yet to have to mindlessly beat up bugs, snakes, or some other low level critter just for the sake of leveling… The bad part is that the quests are very in depth and really take a concerted effort to complete. When you have another person with you playing as well, this can get a little crazy.

So far the game runs great on my super computer, but not so well on Jae’s… He was perpetually having problems seeing something or maneuvering, or some other game function. I think he’s figured out how to get around that though.

The game does require pretty much pinnacle computing power. The x600 video card I have in this machine is “ok”, while the 59XX card in Jae’s box is “sub par”… Eesh.

Anyways, all in all, I was up till 1am playing EQII. This is amazing because I’m usually in bed by 10 a the latest. It’s that good.