EQLA 2015

EQLA was, quite simply, illegal amounts of fun.

Literally so much happened over the last three days I cannot actually write about it all – I'd be here for a month. So I'm just going to post a few photos for posterity and note a few of the more amazing events…

So, to begin at the beginning – the convention began.

I was a 'star sponsor', one of the 20 people who paid large sums per ticket for the convention, so I had awesome seats, front of the line privileges, private meet and greets with the guests, a VIP mixer, room perks, and on and on… I was literally royalty for the show, which was kind of nice and apropos for the Empress of Roanoak I suppose. 😉

So from my reserved seat at the front of the auditorium the convention began:

Amy Keating Rogers – writer for the show, two of the artists from the MLP comic books; J. Blake and A. Garbowska, G. M. Berrow – writer for the show, one of the voice actresses – Michelle Creber, Bonnie Zacherle – the original creator of My Little Pony, and Lauren Faust – who created gen 4 MLP.

From here I used my “Star Sponsor” powers to get into the autograph singing room before the mile long line of other fans to get this signed:

The two ladies who created the core aspects of 'pony'… And thus my collection is now complete. 😀

Following this I sat in for the 'creator's panel', which was the first time Bonnie and Lauren actually sat down and chatted… It was, well, amazing – and culminated in this:

Lauren asked Bonnie to sign her “My Pretty Pony” (the original MLP toy)… Even heroes have heroes. 🙂

It was a pretty emotional thing for everyone, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye anywhere in that auditorium.

After this I had pretty much achieved fandom nirvana, so all that was left was to browse the dealer's room and then spend the evening hanging out with friends. 🙂

And that was Friday! Saturday will be recounted in the next post. 🙂