Et verbum custodiat tibi vobiscum sicut erat in Principio!

Well, today was supposed to be another day off, but it looks like Zeze and I will be going in to do some network fiddling for a few hours today.

This is the whole reason that being in the IT department can really suck at times; large scale things can only be worked on when no one is on the network, therefore you have to come in on days no one else does. Of course being as you are there when no one else is, it's all “out of sight, out of mind”, and doesn't count for any extra brownie points with management.

Fortunately for us Dan is *always* at the shop and he knows the hours we put in to keep everything running.

(goes to get a cup of coffee)

In the transportation department it looks like I'll be ending up with a 1987 Honda Accord which is amazingly similar to the old “phreakmohonda” of legend. It's got about a zillion miles on it, but the price is good… free.

The Honda is just to hold me over until Dan gets something better in at the shop. But I'm not picky. I figure it'll get me around to some of the old longlines stuff here in Virginia just fine. Besides, Dan has these new rice-doctors down in building 3… Maybe I'll get them to drop some 300 horse twin-turbo type R motor in it and scare people with my lack of ground effects, spoilers, and $10000 paint scheme. 🙂