Frelling network execs…

As someone who really enjoyed “Farscape”, I found this to be interesting:

From the SciFi web site:
“SCI FI Wire has learned that production will begin Dec. 15 in Australia on a new four-hour Farscape miniseries, with stars Ben Browder, Claudia Black and others reprising their roles. A source close to the production told the Wire that series creators Rockne O'Bannon and David Kemper are readying a script for the miniseries, which as yet has no air date and no TV distribution deal. The SCI FI Channel, which originally aired four seasons of Farscape, had no comment on the report. A spokesperson for Jim Henson Co., which produced the series, also had no comment.”

“The proposed miniseries will probably wrap up the events of the show, which ended with a cliffhanger. The source added, “I believe it will certainly air on television. At this point, it's in the early stages of finding that home.”

Again, I’m no huge fan of television, but Farscape was worthwhile in my opinion as it was a definite step in the right direction for the tried and true “space opera” genera. So, I guess some time next year I will have an excuse to turn on the TV for four hours.