My second Christmas present to myself came in yesterday; a new pillow that is intended to help my perpetual neck issues. It's this super high-tech foam thing made by a company called Malouf.

So far, so good… I got up this morning without wincing, and that's pretty amazing.

The down-side, of course, is the cost. Pillows that work tend to be spendy, and the one I'm using now was pretty close to $200.

I also caved and signed up for one of these subscription boxes that are all the rage here in the future… It's called the “Butcher Box” and is a monthly selection of small ranch meats such as cuts of steak, burgers, bacon, chicken — it's a vegetarian's hellscape. But it's also been very, very good so far!

The NY Strip steaks were really good, the chicken breasts were fantastic, and the bacon was really tasty.

It's $150 a month for the box, but that's comparable to what I spend at the grocery store per month on meat and it's higher quality — so I'll stick with it for a while I think.

In other news, I need to be down in Walsenburg on the 13th for a land hearing where the county decides if I can actually purchase the land I've purchased… It's complicated, but apparently even if you own a piece of land down to the mineral rights, you can't just sell it to someone. The government has to get involved, and that grinds everything to a standstill.

So while the agreement to buy this bit of land has been done and paid-for for several months now, I still don't own it because Huerfano County needed to grant their blessing.

Oh well. I'm pretty sure that after the hearing on the 13th I'll finally be able to sign the papers… Maybe…