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I just got back from a really killer show over at the Half Moon in west Vail. Roy, the drummer from Little Hercules, told me at the shop that they’d be playing tonight with Carlos Washington, the Hellafunk Allstars, and DJ Dot Com was going to be there too.

What a show.

On top of playing some really great music, the guys from Minturn pulled off a 20 minute jam session between themselves, Carlos, Hellafunk, and DJ Dot Com that was mind-boggling. Imagine two bands and a jazz trumpet master going head-to-head with the absolute latest in beat technology software and not missing a note for over 20 minutes. It was simply amazing. Just goes to show you that good musicians are open genera; a jazz horn playing with two funk bands with a computer controlled techno overtone was made to work, impromptu. Neat!

Anyways, it was neat to see so many people show up, and a lot of them even knew the words to a few songs. I really think the guys from the band might make it here soon. They’ve got air time up here in the valley and some exposure in the south, but the thing that is really propelling them forward is XM. They’re requested quite often on the “unsigned bands” channel, which is cool.

Well, I smell like I’ve been in a bar for the last 4 hours… Probably because I have. As usual I drank a lot of iced tea but did have a shot of scotch with Roy after the show. It’s not the alcohol smell that bugs me; rather it’s the smell of stale cigarettes. Time for a quick shower with emphasis on the hair… With hair like mine it takes some real work to get the cigarette smell out… Then it’s off to bed with me.