Well, I took the plunge today and bought a sectional sofa for the living room.

I'm not normally one for lots of furniture, but I've been finding myself drawn to some permanence these days… That and I'm tired of sitting on a $50 futon while watching a $2000 52 inch TV that's hooked to some $1000 Sony theater-spec speakers.

Last week I bought myself a nice L-shaped glass and iron desk too… I'm rapidly approaching needing a moving van if/when I move again, but that fits into my plan of paying other people to move all of my crap next time.

Anyways, back to the couch – its a three seat leather 'theater' setup with cup holders in the arms and all three pieces recline. It's very comfy and should make watching movies at home really nice. I think it's a thousand dollars well spent. 🙂

But, this means we had to completely re-arrange the living room today. The entertainment center is now in the corner in front of the fireplace, my desk is in the dining room, the cat tree is next to the front door, and the new couch will be at an angle matching the TV. So far it looks like it'll work very well.

Next I have to finish the surround sound setup…