Games people play

After discovering a friend of mine also plays Final Fantasy 14, I dug in and and really played the game for several hours this weekend.

While I had started on ‘Midgardsormr’ the other day, said friend plays on ‘Exodus’ — and being as Square Enix won’t allow a character transfer until the character is 90 days old, I got to start over on the new server.

I hit level 30 this morning…

Wings? Check. Unicorn? Check. White and light-blue color scheme? Check. All very apropos for the character name.

This is my newly minted ‘Conjurer’, which at level 30 moved to ‘White Mage’ which is on the way to ‘Astrologian’.

Yep, I play a healer in most of these games, as one would expect. Which is nice for a tourist like myself, as I don’t need to wait at all for the dungeons that gate the storyline.

The character is one of the ‘Viera’ race; tall, statuesque Amazonian rabbit-like people with Icelandic accents, which have some really interesting lore behind them. Like, they can hear the elements with those big ears — which seemed like a good fit for a Conjurer, which is Final Fantasy’s elementalist class.

My character has been jokingly referred to as the Bunnymancer for this reason. 🙂