Go Take A Hike

Today’s short adventure was walking around the state park I mentioned in a previous entry.

I went to go wash the car and being as the car wash is most of the way to the park, decided to just cruise over there. I could get in my walk, see some new things, catch some Pokémon, and let the car dry off in the sunshine.

I got in line at the east gate at about ten til nine and was in the park by five after; not bad. It helped that I have the year pass on my windshield, so I could go though the side where the nice lady just waves you through. 🙂

My Murano, all nice and shiny again after getting covered in bugs from the road trip…

Getting to this parking spot was the only real complication as that required getting through several dozen asshole bicyclists who refused to pay attention to road signs or stay in the bike lanes. You know the type – the ones who have to ride six abreast so they take up an entire lane and act like you killed someone if you take your turn at a 4-way stop but they didn’t – because bicycle…

But once parked it was a pretty nice hour-long walk.

One of the dozens of informational stops on one of the dozens of walking paths.

The state park does have one of the same problems the little forest outside my front door has; people who let their dogs crap all over everything.

Any time you’re on a hiking trail anymore you have to spend a lot of time watching your step versus watching the scenery, but I’m guessing that’s the way it is everywhere… Can’t be expecting people to be conscientious of the world around them or anything.