Good morning…

Welcome to another weekend.

Today's gaming session will see the first appearance of Raeshlavik in a sit-down RPG setting in about ten years. Scales, who is running an AD&D 3.5 game here on Saturdays, talked me into letting Mr. Evil out for a bit… I warned him that his game, world, and personal psyche just aren't ready for something like Raeshlavik, but he insisted. So, warnings given, I was happy to oblige… Wolf and Lyon, who have had a brief 15 minute interlude with Ravik about ten years ago, looked at Scales and, in stereo, said “are you crazy!?”


It's taken the better part of a week of spare time to fit Ravik into the AD&D 3.5 rules and the only way to do it was across three character sheets to handle his aspects. He fit best under a 'monk' category for now, but I'll probably put forth the effort to make a class for him if Scales can successfully keep him from ruling the universe in the first fifteen minutes of game today.

I've also given Scales my copy of “Horizons” to play with. It's that MMORPG that let's you play a dragon… It's been damn hard to pry him from the computer since then. 🙂

Other than that, not a lot to report from the last few days. I'll post reports from the game today/tonight tomorrow… It should be quite humorous – in a dark and evil kind of way.

Gotta run, take it easy out there…