Good morning…

It’s a bright sunny day outside with a flawless blue sky; a little chilly which makes it jacket weather though. It’s warm enough that the snow is melting a bit on the hill sides which make the whole world smell like pine tree mixed with a little wood smoke from the fireplaces around here. It’s silent; the world still sleeps under down comforters or slowly goes about its morning routine. There’s no traffic on highway 6 to disturb the peace and the only things moving are the deer on the golf course across the street. I stand here on the back deck soaking it all in and having my morning cup of double bergamot Earl Grey and realize this is why I like it here.

As the sun comes up over mountains to the east there is a magical moment when the light lances through ice crystals on the pine trees and the whole mountain side explodes in a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors for a few seconds. The low light makes everything look very sharp and contrasted; you could probably count the trees as they all stand out so well from each other and the colors are so saturated and surrealistic.

I stand here until the light line across the valley makes it all the way to the bottom of the mountains and lights up Avon. I can imagine people down there griping about the sun coming thought the window and waking them rudely… Well, if you’d just got up a bit earlier, you would have been ready for it. 🙂

This has to be my favorite time of the day.