Ahh, a weekend!

It was sure nice to sleep in this morning and get up when *I* felt like it… 7am. 🙂

So here I sit in the living room; sunlight streaming in from the sliding door to the porch and the big bay window, and some old Credence filling the room with happy “Loosianna” rock.

I’m realizing that I’m truly happy for the first time in a long while: No worries, not stressing over someone else’s day, not worrying about how someone else is going to pay their bills or if the guy I‘m working for is going to pay me… Jae and Carl don’t need me to do anything but pay my part of the rent and utilities so far, and things at work are better than I would have ever expected. Even Aryntha and Rai are doing well (finally, they deserve a few months of nice things after the last year of shit)…


Anyways, I’m going to make myself a cup of “Mr. Grey” and hang out on the porch for a while. I suggest everyone stop and listen to Credence’s “Fortunate Son” today, sing along, and smile a lot.