Hail to the sun god He sure is a fun god, Ra! Ra! Ra!

Whoa! There is actually a sunrise this morning. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see the sun again.

Today I get to spend some time working on another web site for Dan. This time it's for a new high performance shop he's opening up which specializes in those annoying little rice burners… Dan found himself a few technicians who have created some of the fastest and neatest little street racers around and is building a business around them.

After looking though the photo album they have I was pretty impressed. These guys aren't the typical 10 inch exhaust tip and huge wing on a stock celica “rice boyz”. These guys build 8 second street legal race cars out of cheap and light japanese parts.

In talking with the leader of these new additions to the Express Orphanage it came out that I do both competition stereo and automotive painting. So the chances are good that I'll be in on a few of these gnat-like annoyances before I get out of here.

That'll be fun… Well, ok, it'll be different which is enough for me.

See, I used to have an 87 Chrysler Le Baron back in Connecticut that I had set up for the fledgling “Crank It Up” competitions back then and I took 5th in the one show I went too before I got married. The system in that car was completely hand built right down to the windings on the inductors I used to make the tailored band passes for the speakers… While I only had 200 watts in the car, it was a really tuned 200 watts and while it wasn't loud, it was so transparent inside the car that some pieces of music could induce vertigo… I didn't have a lot of loud but I did have a lot of musicality, which is what counts in my opinion.

During the one show I went to I had a judge in the passenger seat and was into the 3rd stage of the session where I got to play a piece that I wanted (There were three tests, one was a tone test, the next was a piece of music the judge supplied, and the third was your own) and that piece was Queen's “Gimme the Prize” from “A Kind of Magic”. At the end of that piece there is a lot of glass explosions and the judge dove out of the car thinking that the windows were coming out. 😉