Happy Holidays!

I walked over to the local Village Inn to get a little outside time and to pick up my breakfast. With the zombies and all, even at T-minus-5 days until Christmas everything is deserted…

The above is the sad little strip mall near my place… Most of the stores are empty now; out of business because of the lockdown that’s lasted most of a year. The theater is the taller bit there on the right. Not sure if they’re going to make it either…

I don’t normally get much in the way of gifts during the holidays; my few friends will ask if there’s anything I’d like for the holidays, and I’ll say “that you have a really great Christmas”.

See, it’s easier if I just buy myself something. While there’s no real surprise with this method, there are also fewer hassles with returns. 🙂

Conversely I like giving the few friends I have something out of the blue. So this year I sent the gift of meat.

Christensen Ranch is the place I’ve been buying my meats from since the zombie apocalypse started. Well, it turns out they do gift boxes too, so that’s what I did this year.

Painless and Griffy, friends of mine from down in southern Colorado (and technically my neighbors down there), returned the favor and got me this ginormous gift box from Swiss Colony:

The days of fake grass packaging in these things have apparently gone the way of the dodo.

I love Swiss Colony meat and cheese sets, but rarely get them for myself because it’s super easy to burn yourself out on the stuff— so this is awesome!

I definitely need to go get more crackers though…