Ok, back home now. Moved about 3 tons of display cases from the big pile in the space next to the shop, into the shop, and got the floor plan set up. Jack got all the skis put up for display, all the ski boots sized and out, all the snowboard boots sized and put up, and all the snowboards are now in their rack and sized.

We did what I figure amounts to a full day’s work in 5 hours… Whew!

The thing that really kills me is that Jack is a heavy smoker. Normally I can deal with it by just not being within 20 feet or so of him most of the time, but when I start really working and breathing heavy, the smoke kills me. I spend an hour or two every night when I get home coughing and I smell like I’ve been in a bar all day. Drives me crazy, but I never say anything. I don’t want to make things hard on the guy.

Anyways, I got to looking at the store in general today and decided it needed something. See, the new shop has about 20 foot ceilings and these huge, blank, white walls. Well, I’ve decided the places needs… ART!

I’ll be working up some designs for three murals; the one on the long wall above the snowboards will be a four part, blended, of a guy on a snowboard doing a grab off a jump (winter) flowing into a guy in hang glider (spring), which then goes to someone in a kayak going off a water fall (summer), and ends with a guy landing a dual suspension bike on a trail (fall); kind of a leave ground in winter, hit ground in fall thing. The mural over the ski rack will be a mountain panorama, and the one over the guitars in the music section will be lots of old school and new metal band logos done in high-perspective, high-specularity chrome and gold with some kind of red-midnight blue wash as a background in a flame sort of motif.

It should be pretty cool and a lot of fun. I haven’t broken out an opaque projector or done anything over 11×17 in years, but I have faith in my abilities. I’ll put up the designs, then pictures of the finished products for the folks out there who don’t get up here very often.

Speaking of folks coming up here; the Eagle-Vail exit off of I-70 is finished now; exit 169. What this means is there is a highway g’zinta-g’zouta about 4 blocks east of Château D’Isaster now. You won’t have to deal with round-a-bouts to get here anymore! 😉

Also, on the subject of roads; the road work on highway 6 is finished now. No more road cone mazes to traverse, construction equipment to dodge, or odd ball speed limit changes… Well, till you do the 45 to 20 to 45 at the WalWorld round-a-bout.

In other news I got the USS Lincoln home and it doesn’t seem any worse for the wear of sitting out in the below freezing weather last night. I was worried as the radiator leaks and I hate to leak antifreeze anywhere where animals can get at it, so I’ve been primarily using water and figured I’d have popped freeze plugs today.

I haven’t had a chance to get a battery for the Wagoneer yet… I’ll probably do that tomorrow as I’m tired and am seriously thinking about a hot shower and a nap.