“Hello World!” 17 Errors, 31 Warnings…

Aryntha and Rai are here for a day or so getting away from it all and utilizing the relaxing powers of the Cannibal Special… It truly is a mighty thing, the hot tub.

Aryntha spent most of the evening trying to convince a pile of scrap parts that it was in fact a computer and after several hours of fiddling did manage to get said pile to boot win2k. The things some people do for relaxation. 🙂

I worked a bit on the iButton to world shim, and then did a bit on my winamp powered “now playing” graphic creation plugin. Basically the plugin just takes a few lines of user text and runtime variables and superimposes them onto a graphic of the user’s choice. The resulting .jpg is then uploaded to a specified web server every time the song changes. There are a few plugins out there that do a similar task, but require a php web server and a knowledge of script languages to get it to work… Not many people can do all that for a graphic so I’m writing one for windows users who, by nature, don’t code or compile.

All in all it was a simple, low impact evening that ended around 2am… I have to go into the shop for a few hours, but should be back at the house at around 2pm; about the time Aryntha and Rai wake up. 😉