Here we go again…

Yet another Monday. I swear I think there are more Mondays than any other day in the calendar.

Yesterday was pretty bad… Went over to Sprawl-Mart to pick up a $3 clothes hamper, one of those plastic $10 three drawer file-things, and a nice $15 torch light for my room. Three items…

I should have turned around and went back home when it took me 15 minutes of orbiting the parking lot to find a space actually in FBerg. I did eventually get lucky and managed to encounter a short spot behind a cart corral with no one in it roughly the size of the Honda… Or a motorcycle… Yay Honda!

I spent the next hour being jostled by random apes, run over by women trying to control 5-7 children, hit by an unattended shopping cart (there was someone pushing it, but they weren't really present), and other pleasant events which had me wanting out of the store immediately.

Unfortunately I had to pay for those three afore mentioned items which took another 30 minutes of inching my way though line behind the 'pro' shoppers who were wheeling multiple carts to the register.

Once I was free of the store the fun didn't stop. I had a line of cars follow me all the way out to my parking spot, then the lead car put it in park and waited for me to load my stuff… Parking lot vultures annoy me and I refuse to be hustled by faceless freaks of nature so I just ignored them and went about my business.

Well, the lady in the lead car got really hot under the collar for my adding a whole minute to her getting into the store and beeped at me while waving her arms in a most primate way.

This prompted me to turn off the Honda, get back out of the car, pop the hood and begin fiddling with it. Wow, did I piss this woman off! I could hear her screaming at me though rolled up windows and a distance of about 50 feet.

Well she took off in a cloud of tire smoke and I calmly got back into the Honda, backed out, and drove home.

I wonder, can I get things delivered here? I don't want to go outside anymore…