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Hi there!

   I've not done an introduction post for a really long time, so for those of you who might be new here:

   To begin with I am an avid role-player… I am the player of a thousand characters, the creator of a thousand settings, and my online nom de guerre changes as needed for the image I intend to portray. In this the names I am known by are all characters upon a stage, playing out their parts as needed to bring the audience into the overall performance.

   The one commonality in both my characters and my online personas tends to be that they are mythical beasties – unicorns, specifically – and this has been true since the late 70's… There is a reason for this; I have always been fascinated by the symbolism, and how such a chimerical creature of pure whimsy could get such an incredible foothold in human culture.

   Unicorns do not exist – everyone knows this. Yet ask anyone to identify one and BAM, the finger lands squarely on the one-horned horse.

   Nearly every culture on Earth has some similar mythical beastie – even cultures that never communicated with one other… That is a pretty potent myth, and I find it interesting how the symbolism is 'adjusted' to fit the prevalent ideals of the time.

   So as I find a connection in the symbolism, and thus unicorns have been integral to my life for 40+ years at this point, this explains the name of the company I run for my personal efforts; Alicorn Inc.

   Traditionally the 'Alicorn' is the horn of the unicorn, but in more modern times this has come to be used to refer to winged unicorns as well. And with the soaring popularity of Generation 4 “My Little Pony”, wherein the leadership are all Alicorn ponies – it seemed fitting for me to use this iconography as well.

   While I am not a magical flying unicorn who rules an Empire and is responsible for the livelihoods and security of thousands – I am a director for a good-sized tech company where I am responsible for the livelihoods and security of hundreds.

   And that makes this web site, in a very real sense, a peek behind the curtain to watch the Great and Powerful Oz pull the levers and turn the cranks that make the whole spectacle occur. But, how can one be certain this is not just another layer of imagery? Just another illusion, another mask, another stage piece built to amaze?

   You don't.

   Welcome to the Internet. 😉